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Small Business ConsultingSmall businesses often evolve as a result of hard work, passionate product knowledge and the market expertise of the owner. The vision is frequently a simple one; to do a better job than the current operators in the market and to make some money whilst working for yourself. These are ingredients for an admirable success story... in the short term.

But what is the vision for the future? And how is that vision going to be realised? What investment is required? What is the marketing strategy? Where are your expansion opportunities? Which ones will generate the best returns? How will you execute the strategy? What is your human resources plan? What are your competitors doing? How are you going to measure success? Small business consulting is a specialist area of consultancy and our small business consultants have the knowledge and expertise to design and deliver strategies that take all of these elements into account.

A successful strategy for growth will include clearly articulated goals, plans for how the goals will be achieved, defensive strategies to combat competitor activity, customer acquisition strategies to deliver growth in market share, retention strategies to ensure that growth is sustained, and much more. It is a vehicle and a framework for assisting the attainment of success, taking it from pipe dream to reality. It means treating a small business like the big business you want it to become.

Small business consulting will always be a specialty of Kirk Slater. Our small business consultants have a strong history of working with small businesses, identifying areas of opportunity and mapping tactics on how to ensure those opportunities are maximised. We will review market trends, local and beyond, and ensure your business has the foresight and preparedness to be best positioned to benefit from forecast shifts in the market. Working with you, we will also identify process opportunities to improve cashflow and profit, and more importantly, provide you with the tools to achieve your goals.

Small business strategy is not just the heading on a glossy document to be filed away; it is the blueprint to the future success of your small business.

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