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Kirk Slater is a passionate retail consultancy specialist, and has consultants with a breadth and depth of experience built up over many years in the retail industry. We have successfully completed major projects and initiatives in buying, supply chain, marketing, retail operations, store development, finance, merchandising and HR, and have been able to do so because we have a large cross section of specialist skills within the organisation to draw upon.

We believe that the best retailers are those that are passionate and yet adaptable, focused and driven on providing a brilliant shopping environment for the customer, and yet cognizant of constant change in the market and the need to embrace those shifts in consumer habits. It is an industry that does and will continue to reward those that innovate and lead, but also one that can be brutal to those that stumble along the way.

Today’s retail landscape is unrecognisable to one just ten years ago. Competition doesn’t just come from those stores on the same high street as you, but also from stores 12,000 miles away. Customers no longer walk through your front door to purchase the products on your shelves, but instead will choose if you have the product and price and reputation to warrant their interest long before they decide to spend.

Any transaction may take place in your store or online, and that online transaction isn’t just taking place from a computer in the customer's home or place of work either; it is via the laptop, or the tablet, or the smartphone, from the train, or the beach, or the local park.

Even if that customer does walk through your store’s front doors, customers can now demand added services and value such as cashback, interest-free delayed payment, home delivery, loyalty offers, and more. As a retailer, what does that mean to your supply chain? How about your stock management and forecasting systems? And of course your store itself – the layout, service areas, internal signage? How do you market to these customers and ensure they remain loyal to you and not your competition. And of course, managing all this will require your people and resources to be aligned accordingly.

Whoever said retail was simple was absolutely right… twenty or fifty years ago. Now, it is a complex environment where mistakes can be very costly. The right advice and support can make the difference between leading the industry and being swallowed up by the industry. And even if you are leading the industry today, how do you know that the development that is taking place on the other side of the world isn't going to change everything in your industry tomorrow. The music industry, DVD industry and book industry are all relevant recent examples.

Kirk Slater has worked with clients in food retail, electrical retail, entertainment retail, furniture retail, sports retail and apparel retail, including traditional bricks and mortar retailers, pureplay online retailers, and advanced omni-channel retailers. We have led projects focussed on growing the top line through the development of customer aquisition, customer retention and team member resourcing strategies, the multi-site integration of creative sales techniques and opportunity analysis to support retailers looking to enter new markets. Additionally, we have led projects entirely focussed on improving the bottom line by renegotiating third party contracts, restructuring supplier agreements, managing divisional restructures, and rebuilding range offers.

As well as having a successful and proud track record in building shareholder value, we have experience of doing so in multiple countries and continents, including the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. It is this depth of experience and breadth of expertise that makes us highly confident we can add significant value to your organisation.

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