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The success of your business depends on your people - Part 3

This article first appeared on in May 2014

Tips 16 to 22


16. Keiland Construction, LLC
Entrepreneur: Keith Anthony DuRousseau, owner and founder
Headquarters: Lake Charles, La.
Always develop a shortlist for filling a position. The second interview will unveil the layer required to make the final decision. If the applicant won’t comply with this process, move on. The best employees often interview the worst.

17. and MountainPlex Properties: The Guest House on Courthouse SquareRadio AM 1380The Market Courthouse SquareThe Ritz TheatreOtter & Oak Outfitter
Entrepreneur: Ken Allman
Headquarters: Hinton, W.Va.
Look for—and hire—humble, hungry and smart people! These are the key ingredients to building a great team, and when those traits are in balance, great things happen. Another tip we try to follow is to take candidates out for lunch or dinner before making an offer. For senior-level hires, we include the spouse as well. This adds a different dimension to the interview process and helps us discover if the candidate will be a good cultural fit for our organization.

18. Strider Sports International, Inc.
Entrepreneur: Ryan McFarland
Headquarters: Rapid City, S.D.
Pick people with natural enthusiasm for life and a connection to the company cause and mission.

19. Virtual Enterprise Architects, LLC
Entrepreneur: LaKeshia Grant
Headquarters: Washington, DC
My best hiring tip is ask for samples of their work or provide them with an assignment during the interview. It shows me how they process tasks, the types of questions they would ask and their prioritization of the subtasks. If they have a logical approach to the task and can demonstrate their skills, they are most likely equipped to do the job.

20. Cobalt Enterprises, Inc.
Entrepreneurs: Fred Schule (Founder, Owner) and Paul Clark (Owner)
Headquarters: Granite Falls, Wash.
We are the largest employer with 80 employees in a relatively small town of 3421 people however nearly all of our employees are from the local area and they generally don’t turn over. We hire for aerospace and defense manufacturing so skills involve higher math, technical knowledge and production prowess. Our best tip is to look for fundamentals so great Cobalt hires need to be timely, trustworthy, willing to learn, conditioned to change rapidly and teamwork skills.

21. Golden Cannoli Shells Co. Inc.
Entrepreneur: Valerie Bono, Maria Elena Bono Malloy, Eric Bresciani, Edwin Bresciani
Headquarters: Chelsea, Mass.
Have a clear job description, convey it so there are no surprises and be clear with expectations.

22. Triangle Rock Club
Entrepreneurs: Joel Graybeal and Andrew Kratz, managing partners
Headquarters: Morrisville, N.C.
Never make a compromise hire.  You are better off waiting to get the right person than settling for a less than ideal candidate. You can’t get best in class results with a mediocre employee.  Never compromise your hiring standards.

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