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The success of your business depends on your people - Part 2

This article first appeared on in May 2014

Part 2 - Tips 9 to 15

9. BrightFields, Inc.
Entrepreneurs: Mark A. Lannan and Marian R. Young
Headquarters: Wilmington, Del.
Attitude and work ethic are always more important than a set of technical skills.  Almost all skills can be trained, but a person’s personality and demeanor are very difficult to adjust.  Make sure they will fit your team.

10. Best Bath Systems Inc.
Entrepreneur: Gary Multanen
Headquarters: Caldwell, Idaho
Let the applicant do 90% of the talking. It’s amazing what they will say. All you need to do is listen.

11. Spectrum Aeromed
Entrepreneur: Dean Atchison
Headquarters: Fargo, N.D.
Hire people that walk fast…they tend to have a sense of urgency about life and a predisposition to taking action.

12. EverLast Lighting, Inc.
Entrepreneur: Michael Olen Nevins
Headquarters: Jackson, Mich.

My best hiring tip would be to retain talent that is motivated by innovation, out-of-the-box thinking.  Hire someone based on their work ethic, and ability to think creatively.  We have a series of tests that each of our candidates take so that we can gauge their abilities.

13. Custom Aircraft Cabinets, Inc.
Entrepreneur: Co-Owners Mike Gueringer and Paul Reesnes
Headquarters: Sherwood/North Little Rock, Ark.
Although qualified skill sets are very important, attitude is even more important.  Someone with basic skills and a great attitude easily surpasses excellent skills with poor attitude.

14. Metaphrasis Language & Cultural Solutions, LLC.
Entrepreneur: Elizabeth Colón
Headquarters: Chicago, Ill.
Do not hire based on the answers you receive during the interview. If you are considering someone, put them through the test by giving them a few task that they will be responsible for and see how well they do. If they cannot complete the task within the amount of time they are given they may not be a good fit.

Entrepreneur: Tracy D. Solomon
Headquarters:  Mosheim, Tenn.
Look beyond what is in front of you.  In addition to what a candidate can bring to your organization today, consider what they can bring as they and the organization grow.

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